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What is Periodization?

Periodization is the planning of Training Routine Intensity over Food Intake to maximize Physical exertion in Performance.

How Can This Benefit Us?

This can be a complicated plan. For professional Footballers this is highly scientific.

For us it’s important to understand  and self-manage.


It is important that we eat correctly in line with training and performance.

You should investigate what and when you eat.

You can gain detailed explanations of food and the benefits; I cannot advice on this because I am not a nutritional expert;

But your food diary is important.



If we go  physical training in the gym on the afternoon of a match in the evening we will taken away a massive amount of our body’s fuel in the training

So how we plan our week is also important.

Again at the Professional level the training/food/performance routine is planned by scientists. What we must do is find a good balance for ourselves.

There are some basic rules that will help build strength, endurance and resilience.

Post Match – you should do a short warm down and static stretching.

The following day you should do a recovery session to allow your muscles to recover. This should be light in intensity.

Here is a basic planning model to help you plan your week.

The leg intensity and day’s rotation may need to be adjusted due to which night the games are on; but this plan assumes Training is a Monday and Matches are a Wednesday.

Weekly Diary